• Strategic Visioning Workshop (The Grove's Methodology)

    This 2-3 day workshop brings together cross functional teams from your business for annual or long term planning. Your team is guided through analysis, creative visioning, strategy development, and focused action planning, all supported by The Grove's visual tools and a robust model for vision and strategy work.

    This super fun, visual, and creative process really unlocks your team's strategic thinking potential and aligns the organization to sprint after the common goals of the business. This participatory process creates real employee buy-in that fosters results.

  • Business Ecosystem/Landscape Mapping

    Ecosystem/Landscape mapping helps answer the following questions:

    • Where does your business fit in the business ecosystem?
    • What market or markets does your product or service serve?
    • Are you selling to the right buyer?
    • Who else sells into those markets?
    • Who else sells to the same buyers?
    • Are they competitors or possible collaborators?

    This exercise can help your business identify new business opportunites via product expansion or underserved markets. It an also help you understand your competitors, partners, or acquistion targets?

  • Market Assessments

    This service is typically done in conjunction with the Ecosystem/Landscape Mapping exercise. FirstLever will assist your business:

    • Determine market size
    • Product and services in that market
    • Companies that offer services in that market
    • Recommendations based on the product or services your business plans to offer 
  • Gap Analysis

    This excerise is an assessment of your current performance to assist in identifying the differences between your current state of business and where would you like your business to be.

  • Partnership Portfolio Optimization

    • Assessments of all current partnerships
    • Re-evaluted partnership business cases
    • Grade success of partnerships
    • Recommendations:  Keep, Renegotiate, or Termination partnership
    • Partner Portfolio Analysis Report
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